School Librarians

Being well versed in technological and digital literacies can help school librarians prepare students with the information literacy skills needed in our society. Technological and digital literacy can also help school librarians promote the school library.

School librarians are tasked with teaching students’ information literacy skills. Therefore, school librarians need to provide students with the most up-to-date and effective resources that can be accessed at school and at home (Mann, 2011). Librarians need digital literacy to find and assess the quality of the new resources which come in a variety of formats such as of blogs, wikis, Twitter, RSS feeds etc. (Valenza, 2010). These new resources also require librarians to be informed about copyright laws and fair use guidelines so that they can teach students how to ethically use information (Valenza, 2010). Digital and technological literacy can help school librarians promote their library.

Incorporating technology into the library program can encourage students to be life-long learners and be enthusiastic about reading. A fun example of incorporating technology into teaching students about the library service is creating a QR Code scavenger hunt (Jones, 2011). To promote the use of ebooks and audio books librarians can lend iPads and iPods to students (Valenza, 2010). To encourage reading and library participation librarians can collaborate with students to create book trailers using a variety of multimedia tools (Valenza, 2007).

These examples illustrate the importance of school librarians having technological and digital literacy. Technology makes learning fun but the extent to which technology is incorporated into the library program is up to the librarian and the school.

Maritza M. Escobar


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